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Type Designer
Graphic Designer

My name is Simon Dunford, I am a typeface designer and graphic designer—What that means is: I make fonts & I make things more beautiful.

I make fonts, which makes a lot of people scratch their heads. fonts are the ingredients designers use. I make some of those ingredients so designers can make more tasteful design.

I make things more beautiful. What this means is: I use illustration, typography, and design to improve how the world not just sees—but perceives a brand.

Some Things I’m proud of:

Outrageous Brewery | Packaging of the World Feature
OBS Rebrand/Menu | College Pub Redesign
Mouron Typeface | Featured in Graphic Design on Behance
Don’t Say Campaign | Equal Campus Atmosphere Campaign
Yogen Fruz Designed by Ü | International Competition
Tobin Island Artist Group | Fine Arts Organization

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The second best London (Canada)