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RedRhino |  Designer
April 2018-Present
The Rhinos are a wildly talented team of Digital Dreamers and Brand Believers. Together we deliver results from the brand up that help our clients sell more. RedRhino’s 20+ years of integrated marketing and brand building expertise combined with RhinoActive’s digital and mobile capabilities gives our clients the best of everything under one roof.

Said Simon | Freelance Graphic Designer
September 2016-Present
Said Simon's designs are always unique and suited to the client, Simon will always try his best to use his creativity to push ideas, often above and beyond what is expected. Simon believes that the work he does is catered to the feeling of the client/comapny, and not a premeditated notion of commonalities.

Freelance Typeface Designer 
September 2016-Present
Typeface (font) designer. Unicode and Glyph structure prominent understanding. Trained in multi-language font design. Type inspired by the dawn of advertising in the 1950s/1960s and also the fight against it. ❧ Current project(s): Dawson family: a sans with fluid and friendly emotion, Poblano: A Tuscan serif, Mundane: a basic sans.

Monotype GmbH | Freelance Typeface Designer
March 2018-October 2018
A typeface I designed named Poblano was accepted by Monotype for commercial sale in 2017. After Monotype announced their Efficiency Program, the typeface was no longer to be sold through the Monotype library. The typeface is currently being revised and will be available in coming months.

Fanshawe Student Union | Graphic Designer
April 2016-April 2018
Graphic Designer for Fanshawe Student Union, working with various outlets owned and operated by the student union such as: OBS (the out back shack), FSU catering, various charity organizations. this job includes poster design, multimedia marketing and publishing, graphic design for multiple outlets, coordinating with the College and executive teams to cohesively produce items that are engaging and eventful for the students. This job also includes work for the College (Fanshawe College) and fsu publications: for our school newspaper: Interrobang.

Arcane | Graphic Design Intern
January 2018-February 2018
“We Are Arcane. ❧ We have invented a new way to deliver marketing ROI for our clients. Our artistry with code, creative and brand strategy is delivered with a unique combination of digital and traditional marketing tactics for every client. ❧ We lead with innovation, creativity and conscience on our mission to change the perception of the marketing industry. ❧ We sell more for our clients.”

Dunf. | Owner
September 2012-2014
Self made clothing company. Product designer, graphic designer, brand development, developed brand strategies, initiated transactions with overseas manufactures, marketing and sales. ❧ Dunf. was sold at a retial store called “The Muskoka Store” and sadly was stopped when I decided to pursue my design career, I hope to one day start it up again!


Fanshawe College | Graphic Design
High GPA with volunteer and tutor experience. While studying at Fanshawe I have recieved a few awards for academic success such as the Dean’s Honour Roll and the Student Union Award.

Sheridan College | Art Fundamentals
Art Fundementals. This certificate included courses pertaining to fine arts specifically life drawing, 3D & 2D designs, colour theory, painting, and other..

Tobin Island School | Fine Art Group Feat. Robert Bateman 
Published illustrations in 3 Nationwide top selling children's books: Chucky the Lonely Inuksuk, Larry the Loon, and Under Your Nose, forwarded by Robert Bateman and featuring renowned artists such as: Andy Danato (Toronto Star), Robert Bateman, D.A.Dunford, Loretta Rogers, and Susan Gosovitz.

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